Love. Raise. Teach.

Relevant Children's Ministry is a real place for 'Real Kids'. The ministry is an exciting, fun, clean and safe-environment for children-infants through junior high, to interact and fellowship with each other, while being exposed to the glorious gospel message.

Mission: to Love, to Train, to Raise & to Teach

Jesus loves kids and so do we! We are commanded to teach our children about the living God. We work alongside parents to support the Christian values already being taught at home.

A rich, Christ-centered curriculum, spirit-filled leadership and Jesus are in store for our real church for 'little people.' We love, in order to reflect the love of Jesus Christ, we train & raise, as we are commanded to do so in the gospel and, we teach, in order to encourage the development of life-enhancing gospel principles and strong new leaders.

1. If you have children, infant to junior high, encourage them to attend the children's ministry to make new friends and learn the gospel in an-age appropriate setting.

2. If you are an adult with a heart to serve in the children's ministry, contact the administrators for the program to get involved..

Get Involved! Jesus is Relevant!

Weekend Experience

La Sierra High School
4145 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, CA 92505
Services @ 9:30AM and 11:29AM


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