Gather. Grow. Go.

At Relevant Church, we don’t have it all together. But, one thing we try our best to do is love God and people with total recklessness. Our core values are pretty simple: WE GATHER AROUND CHRIST, GROW IN COMMUNITY & GO TO THE CULTURE.  It's that simple.  So shed your preconceived notions about what church is supposed to feel like, grab a few friends and stop by.  We’ll crank up the music, enjoy one another, have some coffee, and talk about how the Scriptures intersect with real life.

We operate with a simple premise- church should be for everybody, because God is for everybody. You can leave your mask at home, we wont ask where you came from, what you did last night, or who you were with! In fact, our goal is that the first thing you hear when you get out of your car is “Welcome Home!” Bring your doubts, bring your questions, bring your hurts and your passions, because we might not have all the answers yet- but we know who does!

Weekend Experience

La Sierra High School
4145 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, CA 92505
Services @ 9:30AM and 11:29AM


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