Fun. Engaging. Authentic.

Fun. Engaging. Authentic.
Before you can build deep community, you need to meet people and spend time with them. We believe ReGroups should be a fun place where you meet new people, and reconnect with people you know in a comfortable environment.

Jesus is relevant for every area of our lives so we will choose Relevant ReGroups material that is engaging and helps us apply our faith in practical and relevant ways. Our ReGroup Communities will be places where you can be challenged and encouraged to live out your faith.

We believe in being real because God can handle us in our questions, our troubles, and our victories. Relevant ReGroups will be a place where you can be authentic with what whatever you're facing and learn to walk through life in community.

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Our Relevant ReGroups will begin in the fall, winter, and spring and run for about 10 weeks. Sign up at the beginning of a session so you don't miss out!


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Weekend Experience

This Sunday @ 9:30 & 11:29 PM We'll be at the

Riverside Municipal Auditorium

3485 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501


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